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Become a member of Bauhinia Yoga

Over my many years of teaching I have often been asked if I would be able to supply online sessions. Whether you want to do more yoga at home in addition to coming to live classes, to have access to sessions while you're away on business, or you want to continue practicing with me wherever you are  in the world, there are a lot of great reasons for me to offer online sessions.

These are audio files, with no visuals, and they are conducted in much the same way as any class. With my verbal prompts you should be able to follow the movements. These recordings might be missing the banter of a typical class, but they have the advantage of being purely voice-directed – there is no need to look at the screen or pause to work out what is going on.


I’m glad to say these sessions are now available for use via Bauhinia Yoga website. There are over 40 sessions currently available of varying lengths and challenge levels, all individually and thoughtfully named (even though slightly cryptically) to give you an idea of what you are letting yourself in for! I will continue adding sessions over time so you have fresh classes to vary your practice. To access the online recordings you first need to sign up for a monthly membership, which is available to you for the bargain price of £20 (or less) per month - that’s for all the sessions at your disposal whenever you fancy for a whole month! It’s cheaper than any gym membership and you still get the joy of listening to my voice!


To join go to the website and click on “MEMBER PAGE”,  you will be asked to Sign In with an email address and a password of your choosing (don't forget this password).  I will be notified and will approve your membership, granting you access, once I receive your proof of payment (bank details on request). Once you have become a member you access the sessions via the members page, using the same email address and password.


I look forward to welcoming you and sharing this home/office/hotel yoga experience with you.


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