It all started in Hong Kong from my own home, a space built from my love of YOGA, people came, rolled out a mat and tried.
It didn’t matter whether they were budding gurus or if they were new to it, everyone was welcome.


Then COVID, and life changed……


The name fitted what it was at the time but when I moved back to the UK summer 2020 I knew it no longer represented what I am, as I no longer teach from my own space. Live classes are now set in a beautiful space, in a 120 acres of beautiful rural Suffolk.  


The Bauhinia flower not only reflects the natural beauty of the place I will be teaching but also gives a nod to where I have come from and where my business originally started. The flower of the Bauhinia blakeana orchid tree, named after a former governor of Hong Kong, was chosen as the colony's emblem more than 50 years ago.


So my philosophy was simple and still is…. the goal, to create an environment for you to practice yoga at your own pace and enjoy it. The difference is now you have the option to practice in your own home with my voice guiding you (plus I’m there doing the session with you, so I'm there on the screen in case you need it!) , as well as live classes. As long as you know where your head, your bum and your feet are, plus you know your left from right you should be able to follow.


The structure is still the same. Every class is different, there is something for everyone. Sometimes more challenging, pushing you out of your comfort zone, then sometimes just a little more zen. After all, yoga is all about balance. So whether you are an experienced practitioner or a yoga virgin there is something for you.

Private sessions are also available (via Zoom/in person) in the comfort of your own home, designed especially for you, focusing on particular areas or issues you might have.

For pricing details and to book a class, group or private please contact me.



Class Times



9:15 - 10:15am LIVE



12 - 1pm ZOOM



9 - 10am LIVE



8 - 9pm LIVE/ZOOM




9  - 10am LIVE



12 - 1pm ZOOM


8:15  - 9:15am LIVE



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Bauhinia yoga introduced me to something I not only love, but have come to depend on: the opportunity three mornings a week to decrease the heat on the pressure cooker of daily life! Thank you Emma for welcoming me into your lovely home and teaching with such calm focus, enthusiasm and humour. 

Amy Shroff

My favourite “home away from home” yoga classes... Every recording has a different level of challenge and they are easy to follow (with some well-timed reminders not to cheat) I feel like a million bucks when I do these before work. Thank you Emma for helping to strengthen and deepen my yoga practice, even from thousands of miles away.

Sophie Bent

Emma has shown me the many benefits of yoga through her calm and professional sessions. I love that each class is different and tailored for those who are there at the time, and I can’t imagine life without yoga now!

Brooke Chenoweth


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